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Particle filters and catalysts

Particle filters and catalytic converters for all brands

You can find typical particle filter and catalytic converter models for heavy commercial vehicles from FennoSteel Oy. Parts for Scania, Volvo and Mercedes have the best selection. We develop as well customer specific models so feel free to contact us for more information.

The best available information you can find from the link "Heavy duty diesel particle filters and catalysts".

Remanufactured or new particle filter

FennoSteel has a remanufacturing program for used particle filters. This means cleaning of the DPF substrate channels, checking possible leaks and fractures and shell dimensions. After this process the DPF is a perfect fit for the next maintenance cycle, which can be repeated 3-5 times.

In case the DPF does not qualify the remanufacturing process requirements, Fenno has a wide selection of new DPFs in their range.

For more information please contact our sales personnel.

Cordierite or Silicon Carbide substrate

FennoSteel uses both cordierite and silicon carbide filter substrates in the heavy duty products. Silicon carbide can be recognized from the black segments joined together with specific joint cement. Cordierite is recognized from the brown colour. Both substrate types have their benefits and their use is evaluated for each application in question.

The substrate is then coated with precious metals containing washcoat. This washcoat catalysts those chemical reactions inside substrate required to eliminate CO, hydrocarbons and soot particles.

Silicon Carbide substrate 5
Cordierite 4

Quality, people and environment

FennoSteel is well known in the market for the uncompromised quality approach. As a result of this Fenno's product development, production and logistics are ISO 9001 certified by DNV.

Quality is made by the people. We do our best to provide a safe, motivational and encouraging place to work. OHSAS 18001 certificate is a result of our systematic work in this field.

We at Fenno have put a strong focus on environmental matters. FennoSteel complies with all regulations of the environmental certificate ISO 14001. All materials used in our processes are either re-used or recycled appropriately.

FennoSteel has been awarded the Key Flag label for the high domestic content of manufacture.